Free Mystery Tee FAQ

Q- My cart is over $35 with shipping. Does this count for a free mystery tee? 

A- No, the mystery tee ships with any cart over $35 BEFORE shipping

Q- What is the Mystery tee item? 

A- Its just that, a Mystery. We will ship you a Mystery teeshirt with your items and you will have the excitement of finding out what it is when it arrives! Sometimes these are items avaliable on the store, sometimes they are unique, special shirts made just for you. 

Q- How will you know what size to ship? 

A- We ship the same size as the other orders. is you would like a different size or would like to specify a size, please do this before purchace using our support chat or email. 

Q- Can I get 2 Mystery tees? 

A- We dont ship multiple mystery tees. If your order is over $100 and you specially request it, we will make an exception.

Q- Can I exchange the mystery tee if I dont like it? 

A- We dont exchange mystery teeshirts, these are free items and cannot be exchanged. (if you received the wrong size, please contact customer support and we will resolve this for you)